Mailvio 25k Review & Bonus Offer – Watch Mailvio 25k Review & Get 100+ HQ Bonuses

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Hey, Sam here.

Let’s talk about Mailvio 25k.

Just a few seconds to check my huge list of high quality bonuses included in this offer.

Let’s agree on one thing: Building automation in your business is essential.

Mailvio 25k is a full-service autoresponder, that allows you to create Emails with templates, or from scratch, with Drag and Drop Email Builder, built-in SMTP, Automatic A/B Split Testing, Easy and advanced Segmentation , Smart Scheduling, Personalization, Reporting, and much more.

You can now create SMS campaigns too.

Mailvio best deal

It works in 3 simple steps: Step1: Manage Your List.

Create a new list, import your contacts in bulk or one by one.

You can collect leads by adding a sign up form on your website.

You can add additional attributes to your contacts.

You can design forms.

Step2: Automation.

You can create a workflow, and select one of the types.

You have templates that you can customize.

In this way Mailvio will send automatic emails when your visitors take an action.

You can add more conditions to the workflows.

Activate the workflow.

Step3: Campaigns.

Create an email campaign.

You will have templates and advanced options.

You can also make A/B testing, and add different subject lines.

You can select a design template or start from scratch.

You can send a test email.

You can mail to multiple lists, you can exclude a list, build dynamic segments.

Select the size of your test groups, and finally you can schedule your campaign or send immediately.

You can now create SMS campaigns too.

Enter a campaign name, choose your contact list, enter the text message and schedule your campaign.


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